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To begin a new application, choose a job from the available listings below. After your information is complete, you will receive a confirmation number, and your information will be saved allowing you to return at any time to submit additional applications.

Please be sure and remember your username and password for use on future applications. ******************************************************************************************** CAUTION !!! PLEASE READ CAREFULLY !!! You must answer every question on the application accurately and completely. You will NOT be hired if you provide false or incomplete information. You will be dismissed if the false or incomplete information is discovered after you are hired. Under Missouri law, the School District can and will receive complete (both open and closed) criminal records for all applicants. If you have ever been told by an attorney, law enforcement officer, or any other person that you do not have to report an arrest, charge, suspended sentence, conviction, or any other type of criminal record --whether open or closed-- on an employment application, that advice does not apply to employment with school districts. YOU MUST REPORT EVERY OPEN OR CLOSED CRIMINAL RECORD ON YOUR APPLICATION TO THIS SCHOOL DISTRICT. You will not be excluded from employment solely because you report an open or closed criminal record. The District will review the information you provide with respect to type and date of offense, relationship to the job for which you are applying, and other relevant information and determine what, if any, effect the record should have on your request for employment. However, failure to report any criminal record --whether open or closed-- will result in exclusion from hiring or discharge if you have already been hired. If you are not sure whether something should be reported on the application, you must report it. The School District cannot accept reasons such as an applicant forgot about an arrest or offense, or that the applicant did not know he or she was "actually arrested." ********************************************************************************************
Job Listings
Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Speech Pathologist for the 2014/2015 School Year04/08/2014CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Science, Middle School for 2014/2015 School Year04/08/2014CertifiedWaynesville Middle SchoolApply
Part-time Cook, High School04/07/2014ClassifiedWaynesville High SchoolApply
Spanish, WHS for 2014/2015 School Year04/07/2014CertifiedWaynesville High SchoolApply
Remedial Reading, Wood Elementary for 2014/2015 School Year04/04/2014CertifiedWood Elementary SchoolApply
JROTC Instructor for 2014/2015 School Year04/03/2014CertifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
Special Education-Autism, WHS for 2014/2015 School Year04/03/2014CertifiedWaynesville High SchoolApply
AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate03/26/2014ClassifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
Art at Elementary for 2014/2015 School Year03/10/2014CertifiedElementaryApply
Physics, WHS for 2014/2015 School Year (Master's Degree in Physics preferred)03/04/2014CertifiedWaynesville High SchoolApply
Director's Office Finance Secretary, WCC for 2014/2015 School Year (Internal Applicants Only)02/27/2014ClassifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
Computer Graphics and Publishing, WCC for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
Computer Information Technology, WCC for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
Music-Vocal, High School for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedWaynesville High SchoolApply
Art, Middle School for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedWaynesville Middle SchoolApply
Language Arts, Middle School for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedWaynesville Middle SchoolApply
Math, Middle School for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedWaynesville Middle SchoolApply
German at Middle School for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedWaynesville Middle SchoolApply
Elementary Grades 1-6 for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedElementaryApply
Elementary Pre-K-Kindergarden for 2014/2015 School Year02/27/2014CertifiedElementaryApply
Administrative Assistant-Community Resource Office11/19/2013ClassifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
AmeriCorps VISTA Member07/18/2013ClassifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
AmeriCorps Member07/18/2013ClassifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
Club Leader for After School Program06/06/2013ClassifiedWaynesville Career CenterApply
School Bus Aide - Hourly without benefits02/22/2012Classified, HourlyTransportation DepartmentApply
School Bus Driver - hourly02/14/2008Classified, HourlyTransportation DepartmentApply
Complete a Certified Application - New User01/03/2008CertifiedDistrict WideApply
Complete a Classified Application - New User01/03/2008ClassifiedDistrict WideApply